SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, MINNA (SEDI-M) have recently developed the following innovative technologies:

  • Digestive Module

The module is demonstrating the human digestive system by showing step by step movement of food from mouth to anus using electrical signal embedded in wood carved human parts involve indigestion with different color code showing the food and enzymes as they act on the food to illustrate the processes that food undergoes along the pathway.



9.0       Temperature Data Logger

This is a device which is used to take record of temperature change of a body or place at regular time interval. This data could be for the purpose of analysis or the prediction of certain events as regards temperature change. The system is made with a serial port interface so that it can communicate with the system at a baud rate of 9600bps. The data taken by the system is stored on the system so that one can be import it into excel or any other software for analysis. The system contains its own 16 by 2 LCD screen so that it will be easy for the operator to interact with the system in terms of setting the time interval for data logging


10.0        Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

Thermal conductivity apparatus is a system which is used to measure the rate at which heat travels from one point to another in a solid body. This system was designed to accommodate two specimens at the same time. To achieve this experiment, four sensors had to be used. Two of which measures the temperature of the hot zone of the material and the other two measures the cold zones of the two specimens.