Mobile Laboratories

The mobile laboratory is mainly made available in three forms:


The Mathematical Kit (wooden)

The mathematical kit consist of 27 solid of different shape made up of wood and labels accordingly to enable the teacher aid the pupil identify the shapes and calculate the geometry.


The Primary Science Kit (PSK)

The PSK is composed of 66 basic items required for teaching primary science. The kit helps the teacher and the pupils to actualize in practical terms the objectives of primary science education. This kit enables the child to acquire basic skills, develop scientific attitude, helps in creating self-confidence and reliance through problem solving activities. Through the use of this kit solid foundation is laid in science and technology.


The Junior Secondary Science Kit (JSK)

To build on the solid foundation that was laid through the use of PSK at the primary school level, the institute also produced another kit for the lower level of secondary school. This is to make the students rooted in the area of science and technology. The kit is portable and could be used in rural area. Most of the experiments that are needed at junior secondary level are taken care of in the kit


FORCE BOARD/Ruler is an apparatus made of one (1) meter square board constructed using aluminum or mild steel sheet with perforation of holes (4mm) evenly spread at equal distance apart. Some of the accessories that are used together with the board to teach science subjects; such as physics, chemistry, Biology and Agricultural science, are;

  1. Hanging weights of various masses – 10g, 20g, 50g and 100g.
  2. Pivot or fulcrum of 5mm diameter.
  3. Spring balance – 0 to 50N
  4. Spiral spring (flexible)
  5. Force ruler
  6. Thread of 3 meter
  7. Stand of square pipe and cast iron

8.1             Specification

  • 4mm holes spread evenly on the board
  • Accurate hanging weights 10g, 20g, 50g & 100g
  • Spring balance 0  –  50N
  • Force ruler 60cm
  • Thread 3meter